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I have the great honor of assisting my teacher, Amy Ippoliti, on the road this summer and our first stop is super close, Hanuman Festival! Many of you know that this festival is very near and dear to my heart as I am in attendance every year. This year however proves to be extra special as I have also stepped into an Ambassador role. I have a deep desire to build community; to join forces with other like-minded individuals on the path to change the world.

Yoga, Music, Celebration: Transformation Begins Here

Join us in beautiful Boulder, Colorado for Hanuman Festival 2019. Open your heart and experience awakening, belonging and connection in a four day celebration of world-class yoga, mind-blowing music, inspirational experiences and nourishing community.

Join us as…
  • We honor the practice of yoga and experience the healing and transformative power of alignment, movement and breath.
  • We weave our collective threads to learn, share, connect and celebrate all that is positive in this world.
  • We give back in the spirit of “SEVA” (selfless service), and make an impact through the power of community. View our SEVA initiatives here.



Conscious community.
Authentic connections.
Transformational experiences.


Click the icon below for more information and/or to purchase your ticket!

10% off  3-Day Pass: taylorrose2019

Single Day Pass: taylorrose108




Taylor Rose

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