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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am thrilled to announce that I have become a brand OMbassador for The Om Collection. A little secret, maybe not so secret, I LOVE fashion! 

🎶 turn to the left, fashion! 🎶

Not only does this clothing collection make me look and feel amazing, but the company’s values truly resonate with my own. I have a strong desire to protect our Mother (earth) and believe that we each vote with our dollar everyday. I am inspired by the founder, Katie Armstrong, and her vision to combine sustainable fashion with holistic wellness. What we put on our body and what we put in our body, go hand-in-hand. I am honored to represent a company that believes in health and happiness for all.

“The OM Collection is a passion project birthed in Bali Indonesia.  Part fashion brand and part lifestyle consulting, we bring mindfulness and vibrancy in to all areas of our clients lives. Through inspirational videos, one on one consulting and events, our founder Katie shares her approach to living a meaningful and empowered life.

As a fashion brand, Om Collection creates luxurious sustainable styles that can be worn anywhere in the world.   Designed with versatility and comfort in mind, we use high quality textiles and create unique styles that transcend the fads of fast fashion and empower our clients to make informed decisions. We remain actively involved in every step of the production chain and work to preserve natural resources and traditional cultures so that you can rest assured, your choices are supporting the values that are important to you.

Together we are helping build a more sustainable and loving world.” – The OM Collection



Click the icon below to learn more and/or to view the entire collection.

Happy Shopping!

Ombassador Codes: TR10 (10% off your order) and TRFREE (Free shipping)

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Taylor Rose

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