Taylor Rose was introduced to yoga in 2007 during “Stress-Free Week” while attending college at the University of Minnesota-Duluth. Something shifted inside of her that day and a deep need for personal exploration was illuminated.  Her first teacher, Molly McManus (co-owner of Yoga North), played a pivotal role in the development of Taylor Rose’s practice. From the beginning, yoga was simply an invitation to slow down and breathe, more so than a physical practice. Yoga was not about using the body to get into poses, rather yoga was about using poses to get into the body.

In 2010, Taylor Rose moved to Boulder-Colorado to attend Naropa University, where she earned her Masters in Environmental Leadership. After completing graduate school, she felt determined, skilled and ready to save the world. Her efforts were quickly exhausted however and her projected life dreams shattered. Yoga became both a struggle and a cathartic release. Her practice was there to help navigate through the perceived chaos, to pick up the pieces of her broken dreams, and to put everything back together, this time in a different way. Again, Taylor Rose felt something shift inside and a new way of being, living emerged.

Alignment-based vinyasa yoga under the guidance of Nancy-Kate Rau, Nafisa Ramos, and Amy Harris resonated profoundly. Taylor Rose obtained her 200HR Hatha Vinyasa certification from the Yoga Pod in the spring of 2015.  She continued on to receive her Stand Up Paddle board (SUP) Yoga certification with Lisa Fierer, and began teaching upon graduation that same summer. Shifting back and forth between the role of a teacher and a student proved to be challenging.  Her perfectionist, monkey-mind became louder than ever.  In pursuit of finding balance, Taylor Rose went on yoga retreat with Juli Rathke, joined an Anjali Restorative training with Shannon Paige, took a weekend intensive with Ana Forrest, studied Bhakti yoga with Mary Clare Sweet, and became certified to teach Volo Aerial Yoga. The combined continuation of her practice and education created the ability to hold space for both.

Taylor Rose began studying with Amy Ippoliti and 90 Monkeys in 2017. She has since completed over 500 hours of advanced study, including a 200HR Teacher Mentorship Program. Advanced training modules include: Innovative Teaching Methodology, Advanced Sequencing, Yoga Therapeutics- How to Teach Students with Injuries or Tight Bodies, Tantric Philosophy, Advanced Theming, Sanskrit, Hands-On Assists, Advanced Asana, Yoga in the Age of Botox- How to Teach Yoga to Students with Body Image Challenges, Restorative Yoga, Art of the Private, Sustainable Business, and Pre/Post Natal Yoga.

Currently, she serves as a Supporting Faculty member of 90 Monkeys, and is pursuing her 1000HR certification as Amy’s apprentice. Yoga is a journey to the center of your being, and Taylor Rose quickly learned that there is no way out but in and through.