Haramara Mexico Retreat

Are you busy being a human-doing? As human-beings, we have a deep fear of living an insignificant life. In a world where the most common response to the question- “How are you?”,  is “BUSY”,  how do we find connection? Not only connection to each other, but connection to our own hearts; our purpose for living? Long gone are the days of face to face convsersation; deep conversations about the meaning of life, about the state of our heart and soul, conversations that slowly unfold, conversations with pregnant pauses and silences that we are in no rush to fill. 

In the works of Plato, Socrates states that the unexamined life is not worth living.  As human-beings, how are we suppose to live, to examine, to be, to become, to be fully human when we are so busy?  

The Invitation: You’re invited to join Taylor Rose and Sara Chaplin for 7 days of SIMPLY BEING at The Haramara Resort- named one of the top 10 eco resorts in the world by Yoga Journal.  Experience the bliss and serenity of the sacred Huichol land, receive the healing powers of the ocean, and dive deep into your yoga and meditation practice. Spend 6 luxurious nights in Haramara’s breathtaking accommodations and enjoy 3 organic gourmet meals daily prepared by Haramara’s world class chefs.  Experience 2 daily yoga classes (alignment-based vinyasa and restorative) along with guided daily meditation, yoga philosophy, and journaling sessions for cultivating inner awareness.  Enjoy afternoons by the infinity pool, private beaches, or take advantage of optional surf lessons and spa services.  Participate in a traditional Temezcal (sweat lodge) and a shamanic fire ceremony to shed old ways of “doing” and welcome in your radiant “being”.

Packages Include:

Transportation to and from the resort, accommodations, all meals, daily yoga/meditation classes, sweat lodge, and fire ceremony.

Airfare, gratuities, and optional luxuries are NOT included. 


Casa Grande $1795 USD (all women’s dormitory- 8 beds with a shared bathroom)

Triple Occupancy $2295 USD

Double Occupancy $2495 USD

Single Occupancy $2895 USD

(We can help match roommates for you if you are looking to share.)

Pricing Specials:

Type of Retreat: Yoga, Relaxation

Style of Yoga: Alignment-based Vinyasa, Restorative, Yoga Nidra 


$500 non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot

Venmo: taylorroseyoga



We have everything taken care of with the hopes that you can arrive and simply be! Please click the link below for more information about the Haramara Resort or reach out directly with any questions to you may have. 



Meet Sara Chaplin-

After more than a decade of consistent yoga practice, Sara decided she wanted to share her knowledge and passion for this practice with others. Yoga has provided an outlet that allows Sara to shed what she no longer needs and make space for what it is that she does need. Her intention for classes is to guide students to this sense of balance so they can bring it into their everyday lives. She hopes to bring a lightness and playfulness to her classes so that her students walk away feeling they have more of what they need and less of what they don’t.