cropped-20151011tw_021-e1554151568880-1.jpgLOVE YOURSELF. LOVE EACH OTHER. LOVE THE WORLD.

After spending the last decade cultivating a regular yoga practice, Taylor Rose is passionate about sharing her experience and supporting others on their journey. Taylor Rose hopes to become a catalyst for change by creating a safe and loving space for personal exploration. She believes we are a physical embodiment of the sacred source, and our purpose is to not only witness, but to participate in the inexhaustible celebration we call life. By utilizing the power of breath, Taylor Rose strives to help others reach new levels of awareness and appreciation for the magic and mystery of our world, both internally and externally.

Yoga changed my life; my practice has taught me to love myself unconditionally, to forgive and let go, to breathe through life’s challenges,  and to move gracefully with purpose. I want to help cultivate this for all beings.”  -Taylor Rose 

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Taylor Rose and The Monkey God

I befriended my monkey mind…let me explain. Those who are familiar with Hinduism and the epic Ramayana know the monkey-headed deity, Hanuman, very well. Lord Hanuman symbolically stands for pure devotion, complete surrender and absence of unhealthy ego or the lower self. Although he possessed supernatural powers, because of a curse, he would not remember … Continue reading Taylor Rose and The Monkey God


Ladies and Gentlemen, I am thrilled to announce that I have become a brand OMbassador for The Om Collection. A little secret, maybe not so secret, I LOVE fashion!  🎶 turn to the left, fashion! 🎶 Not only does this clothing collection make me look and feel amazing, but the company’s values truly resonate with my own. I […]

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